A Novel Approach
to Enzyme Inhibition

Certain enzymes are essential for digestion, metabolism, signaling, and many other essential biological processes. When enzymes become dysregulated or hyperactive, they can cause damage to the body, resulting in a wide array of difficult-to-treat diseases.

At Amagma, we have built a proprietary discovery platform that enables us to screen for and develop highly selective antibodies that can inhibit dysfunctional enzyme activity. We believe that inhibitory antibodies have the potential to become a best-in-class modality given the limitations of small molecule therapeutics and our ability to design antibody therapies with high specificity and affinity, low off-target effects, less toxicity, and favorable pharmacokinetics.

Our discovery efforts have resulted in a pipeline of multiple antibody candidates currently advancing toward human clinical studies.

Why Use Antibodies?

Antibodies, also called immunoglobulins, are Y-shaped structures produced by the human body to recognize and remove foreign substances. They consist of variable regions that can be engineered to bind to targets. When well engineered, these antibodies can be very selective, binding with high affinity to a target and inhibiting unwanted biological processes. By developing inhibitory antibodies against hyperactive extracellular enzymes, Amagma aims to restore normal processes and treat a broad range of inflammatory diseases.

How We Choose Our Targets

All of our targets are selected on the basis of strong genetic and/or biological rationale, ensuring that we focus on the most compelling. We then prioritize clinical indications with no approved therapies or high unmet medical need where we believe our differentiated approach to antibody development has best-in-class potential.

Partnering with Adimab

To help advance our antibody discovery efforts, we have partnered with Adimab, the premier human antibody discovery and optimization company, who have successfully advanced more than 350 programs across 80 partners and 40 clinical programs. The Adimab platform delivers full-length human IgG antibodies with diverse panels of therapeutically relevant characteristics.